November 12, 2010

What is a LESSON PLAN?


Lesson Plan- is a teacher’s blue print.
          -a term applied to the statement of objectives to be realized and the methods to be used in the attainment of such objectives within the specified time.

·   Importance:
  1. Helps the teacher to become systematic, orderly and creative.
  2. Delimits the field to be taught for certain class period.
  3. Prevents waste of time and gives a feeling of security.

·   Parts of a Lesson Plan:

  1. Objectives- definite statements of what are to be learned. It gives direction to the class discussions.
2. Content or Subject Matter- state the topic and subtopic, the concepts, reference and  the materials needed in discussion.
3. Learning Activities- includes the routine activities, recall, motivation, unlocking of difficulty, the lesson proper, generalization, valuing and application and the evaluation.
4. Assignment- an outgrowth of the lesson to reinforce learning or an introduction to a new lesson.

·   Classification of a Daily Lesson Plan:

  1. Detailed- the teacher tries to visualize how the children may react, what difficulties may encounter and how they maybe guided to achieve desired results.
  2. Semi-detailed- omits children activities. It contains only the lesson and procedure of the lesson. A few pivotal questions maybe included.
  3. Brief- shorter than the semi-detailed plan. It only resembles an outline type of lesson, no further explanations are included.

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