January 19, 2011

Monohybrid Cross and Punnett Square

1.      In garden pea, green pod is dominant over yellow pod. If heterozygous green pod undergone self-pollination, find the phenotypic ratio (P.R.) and genotypic ratio (G.R.) and the percentage of their offspring.

                        *Garden Pea :   green pod – Dominant = GG         
                                               yellow pod – Recessive = gg
                                                                       Hybrid = Gg

                        *heterozygous green pod = Gg
                        *(self-pollination) heterozygous green pod = Gg

                          Monohybrid Cross                              Punnett Square

*Phenotypic Ratio (P.R.):
                                    3 green pod : 1 yellow pod    or    3:1
*Genotypic Ratio (G.R.):
                                    1 homozygous green pod :
                                    2 heterozygous green pod : 
                                    1 homozygous yellow pod
                                    75% green pod and 25% yellow pod

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